Monday, January 16, 2012

Sao Tome and Principe was victory against Lesotho 1-0

Overview of Saturday , Jan. 16 (2012) - Sao Tome and Principe Kingdom of Lesotho won 1-0 in game played Sunday in the capital of Sao Tome, who told the round 1st leg of the Africa Cup of Nations, 2013 Can- whose end will be in South Africa 
The historic goal of selecting the "hawks and parrots" by Jair was appointed to three minutes in the recovery of a penalty that gave joy to more than three thousand Sao Tome who went to the National Stadium on July 12 with detachable presence of the Head of State Sao Tome, Manuel Pinto da Costa. 
During the meeting the selection of Lesotho reacted very well with several shots to save Sao Tome Gi interventions that had two clear goals to deny genius to lesotanos which also saw a shot hit the crossbar on the goal of Sao Tome and Principe. 
Despite the pressure of the Kingdom of Lesotho, Sao Tome team also arranged a great opportunity to score near the end through the isolation that even advanced Ju missed with a similar goal that Ibrahim saw one of his shots hit the against the goal post. 
 Guided by coach Gustavo Clement Sao Tome and Principe aligned with: The Beacon: Gi, the Defense: Jocy, Grandfather and Nay, and Aknesses, midfield: Juju, Gando, and Joe Ibrahim, in the attack: Agi and Jair. Substitutes used (Sequeira and Ju Adilson).
Led by coach Leslie Motst, the selection of the Kingdom of Lesotho aligned with: In goal: Moman, Defense: Mopolo, Ntobo, Tmapelo, Motmoada, Middle Field: Masualle, Nicau, Bushy, Monapathi in the attack, and Ramabela Lencora.Used players (Cup, Tseka) 
The refereeing team was in Congo Brazzaville as the owner of Soum Serge whistle along with assistance of his countrymen and Mapangoulou Nggoy Tsiba Kamba and the functions that made the 4th referee and match commissioner. 

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