Wednesday, July 18, 2012

About Sahrawi Football

Football Match In Sahrawi
Sport in the Western Sahara has not yet reached the sport professional idea of football here 
camps refugees Sahrawi far from the professional because of the conditions experienced by 
which the Saharawi people in more than 36 years. Football is a lass young desert here in the camps there are many clubs popular after being confined to participate previously teams of national institutions and teams the states.

The national football association in Western Sahara as the Sahrawi Republic and 200,000 Sahrawis, is in exile in refugee camps located in the desert of southwest Algeria.The national team training takes place on land or Aousserd Smara.The area is desert and the cold climate in winter, warm to hot, dry summer. The temperature range is 50 ° c for the year. The players, all amateur, playing in the clubs of Sahrawi willayas Wifak Auserd, Summud, Farsia, Amgala, Wifak Birlehlu.
The Sahrawi football federation was Created in 1989.The current team of the national federation is composed of:
Chef Sidi, President since 2004
Mohamed Sidahmed Secretary LIMAN 2004
Moulay Mehdi AHMED SALEM LABEIDI Treasurer since 2007
Now there are about 34 club participates in competitions Alouttnah annual 1 cup of the Republic 2 national league soccer 3 cup May 20, entitled to all the teams participating in the Msabakta Cup May 20, and Kass Republic The national league to evolving the first division clubs only and number of 10 clubs in the last three years the clubs that won championships National: the resilience of the state of Smara. MC valve from the state of Smara ES Bir Lahlou from the state of Smara ES Awsard from the state of the USSR Center events of the Martyr Hafiz "Rabouni".

The name of the national team coach is Sahrawi: Sidahmedergueibi AHMEDBABA HAIAI said "Rageb"

The four best players are:
Abdelahe Abdelhai ABIDIN (Captain)
Selma IARBA malum

Rageb: coach of the national team since his selection by 11/2010
The president has chosen, entrusted to form a selection committee.
An appeal was then launched to all young people through national radio and regional radio for the constitution of the national team.
The preliminary games took place in Smara, they were open to all, licensed club or not.
184 young people came from all wilayas. 22 were selected to form the national team. They train since.

Members of the national team are amateurs.
They all play in the clubs of Sahrawi willayas Wifak Auserd, Summud, Farsia, Amgala, Wifak Birlehlu.
They have professional occupations: teachers, taxi, masons, merchants, used national TV, employee Ministry of Information.

The first official match for the national team was in front of Kurdistan and ended in victory for Kurdistan to 6-0 , a result the largest received by the national team. bigger result achieved by the national team won 5-1 and the team at the expense of Darfur is the top scorer in the national team player Ahmed  Budah.